Lael’s intelligent sword - +3 holy, keen* longsword of Devils’ Bane*

weapon (melee)

True Name:
INT: 12
WIS: 17
CHA: 13
EGO: 26
Alignment: LG
Languages Spoken: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Draconic
Primary Powers: 4
Wielder has free use of Sunder feat
Feather fall on wielder 1/day
Wielder has free use of Blind-fight feat
Wielder has free use of Imp. Init feat
Stoneskin 2/day*
Uncanny Dodge*
Extroardinary Powers: 3
Lightning Bolt 1/day 8d6 dam 200 ft range DC 13
Invisibility (wielder only) 30 min per use 3/day
Telekinesis 250 lb max 1 min per use 2/day
Special Purpose:
Defeat Devils
Special Purpose Power:
Slay Devils DC 15
Epic Power: Holy Power*
Epic Special Purpose Power: True Resurrection on wielder 1 time ever*

  • Powers and abilites marked with an asterisk (*) are currently dormant.

Created by a priest of Corellon Larethian, it’s sole purpose was to defend the high tower of Myth Drannor. In Myth Drannor’s final days, a high priest, named Lailo Tel’Serrieadath, fought along with his brethren with crazed vigor and desperate courage. As the hoardes invaded further and further into the city, Lailo saw all but a handful of his brethren devoured by the terrifying might of the devilish army. At his company’s last stand, Lailo saw his brother and commander, Kal’Ilsaid, scream a warrior’s song, as he leapt over their trench wall and charged toward a Malebranche about to gleefully tear apart a young boy. Lailo watched in horror and respect as Kal threw himself between the outstretched claws and the boy. The hulking devil fell upon Kal ferociously, drawing helpless screams from Lailo’s lips. In seconds, Lailo unleashed a devastating volley of divine power, sundering the beast’s vile flesh. But the legions of damned continued to draw closer, and with his dying strength, Kal picked up the boy and threw him to Lailo. Lailo saluted his brother with tears in his eyes, and the boy in his arms. He knew he’d just witnessed the one thing he’d never desired: his promotion. Lailo threw himself into his newly acquired position, silently vowing to his brother that he would do his best to lead as Kal would have, and eventually exact revenge on all of Hell, for Kal’s death. Immediately he began shouting to his comrades, ordering them to cover him. Lailo dashed toward the oncoming hoarde, retrieving his brother’s station-appointed blade,



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