Everdancing Keen Runeblade +6 of Fiery Blast Longsword

weapon (melee)

Flaymrayn was created by Araxis, the crazed Half-demon summoner and would-be ruler of Myth Drannor, for his maniacal creation, Annaira. In his obsessive delusion, he intended to duplicate Arianna, whom he’d lusted for and been spurned by, and as her sword, Flamebringer, was a most notable part of her presence, he intended to add it to her replacement. However, as his rage and longing for revenge crept into his creative schemes, he poured more and more power into the blade, intending it to be Arianna’s downfall, what he believed to be a poetically and perversely fitting end to her friends and her reign as the Chosen of Cynder.

Everdancing – see Epic Level Handbook pg. 131

Fiery Blast – On command, the blade becomes sheathed in fire, and on any hit, engulfs the target in flame, dealing +3d6 fire damage. On a critical hit, this damage is doubled to +6d6 fire damage.

Runeblade – see runeblade description

Total Enhancement Bonus: +21
Total Market Value: 8,002,312 GP


Araxis, the Demon Summoner, forged this blade specifically as a cruel mockery of Arianna’s mageblade, ‘Flamebringer’, one of the seven Crystal Keys that stopped the Pit Fiend, Lord Shayde, from ascending to godhood, and ended Araxis’ chance to rule the world. Madly in love with Arianna, Araxis courted her often during the Crystal Chosens’ quest to reclaim the Keys. In the end, Arianna used Araxis’ infatuation with her to gain the upper hand over Lord Shayde.

When Araxis began gathering his Hordes to seek revenge, he also began researching powerful conjuration and transmutation magic, seeking to create clones of himself that were as powerful as him as allies. While he researched this magic, he began experimenting on a lock of Arianna’s hair he had kept as a relic of his insane devotion to her. He created hundreds of clones of Arianna during his research, but all of them were but weak mockeries of her, and although they were completely docile and loyal to him, they imitated her in form only. However, at last, he created an eidolonic simulacrum of Arianna and named her Annaira.

Araxis created Flaymrayn to arm Annaira, who he planned to use as a secret weapon in what would be known as the Reclamation Wars, the Horde Wars, or the War for Myth Drannor. Annaira wielded Flaymrayn with abandon on the battlefield, and almost succeeded in charming Ranniun Sairiss, Lady Arianna’s consort and another of the Chosen, when Arianna drew upon the full might of Flamebringer to overcome Annaira.

Annaira would have been utterly destroyed, but she was swallowed by a summoner’s gate as she lie dying. Flaymrayn remained, and Arianna seized it, vowing to destroy it, if she could not redeem it.


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