Rurick Gutslammer

Stead-fast and stalwart, he has designated himself as Lord Sairiss' personal bodyguard and drinking partner. Rurick Gutslammer is a hardy dwarf, but not too bright and many people don’t like to stand within more then a few feet of him for more then a cou


Name: Rurick Gutslammer Fortitude Sv: 8(13) Special Abilities:
Race: Shield Dwarf Reflex Sv: +4 (8) Rage 6/day
Class: Barb/Batrg Will Sv: +4(3) Darkvision 60 ft
Level: 12/5 Base Attack: +17/
12/7 +4 against trip or
Alignment: CN Eyes: Blue bull-rush
HP: 152 Hair: Silver-black +4 against poison
AC: 24 Age: 85/271 +2 to spell saves
Armor- +9 Gender: M +1 att. Against orcs
Dex- +3 Height: 4’4 +4 against giants
Mag- Weight: 200 lbs +2 to appraise stone & metal
NA- +2 Barbarian
Luck- Fast Movement
Def- Illiterate (can read/write Dwarven)
Initiative: +3 Imp. Uncanny Dodge
Experience: Trap Sense +4
Speed: 20ft Dam Red. 2/——
Melee: +21/
16/12 Greater Rage
Ranged: +21/
16/12 Battlerager
Rock Gut (
2 against
Languages: Dwarven, Common Close Quarter Fighting Fearless (immune to fear, 2
against mind-effects)
Skills: Read/Write (Dwarven) 2, Appraise 1.5 (2.5
Int-1), Imp. Unarmed strike
Intimidate 11 (9+ Cha-2+2),Spot 4 (5+Wis -1), Reckless Offensive
Ride (War pony) 9 (5+Dex 4), 2 NA
Knowledge (religion) 1 (2
Int -1),
Perform (Drinking Songs) 3 (5+Cha -2)

STR 18+4 DEX 18+4 CON 20 +5
INT 9 -1 WIS 8 -1 CHA 7 -2

Weapons: 2 Greatclub of Fury (two-handed weapon) 1d88 1d6 (when raged) 19-20×2
Masterwork Spiked Gauntlets 1d3

Armor: +4 Breastplate of Retaliation +5 Max Dex +3 Chk Pen. -4 Move Sp. 15 ft/ 10 armor spikes on front +back (Retaliation does 1d6 to attacker when the damage Rurick for 10 or more HP)

Equipment: Feats:
CB Endurance
1 lvl Cleave
Potion Bandoleer – 4 flasks Instant Rope, 3 flasks 3 lvl Power Att
Stone breaker Acid, 3 potions bull’s strength 6 lvl Gr. Cleave
9 lvl Imp. Bull Rush
12 lvl Imp. Overrun
15 lvl Throw Anything

Backpack – 3 bottles Frenzywater, 4 bottles of Dwarvenhead
Stout, 2 bottles Thudrud, 1 bottle Kragg, 100 tindertwigs,
4 vials of antitoxins

Belt pouches – Smokestick, 100 tindertwigs, waterskin

Mount: War pony w/ military saddle

Potion Bandoleer – 3 potions of Bull’s Strength

Magic Items:

GP: 24,829
CP: 3

Valuables & Other Equipment:

Carrying Capacity: (pg. 142 PHB)
Light Load – up to __ lbs
Medium Load – up to __ lbs
Heavy Load – up to __ lbs
Over-head Lift = Maximum Load (__ lbs)
Lift & Stagger With = Dbl Max. Load (__ lbs)
(loss of Dex. Bonus & Movement reduced to 5 ft. per round)
Push/Drag Load – 5x Max. Load (__ lbs)

Magic Item Slots:
1 Headband, hat, or helmet –
1 pair of eye lenses or goggles –
1 cloak, cape, or mantle –
1 amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab –
1 suit of armor – Breastplate of Retaliation
1 robe –
1 vest, vestment, or shirt –
1 pair of bracers or bracelets –
1 pair of gloves or gauntlets –
2 rings –
1 belt –
1 pair of boots –Boots of the Steadfast (can’t be tripped or knocked back; always readied for charge when wielding a med. Or larger weapon)

Staff/Wand/Rod Charges:

Duration Counter –


Rurick’s black hair, shot with silver streaks, is a scraggily mess and most of it has been matted together to make dreds. His beard is in the same condition of disrepair. Sometimes he likes to weave small beads, bones or other things where he can throughout his beard, however, often there are leftovers from his meals along with body parts from things that he’s killed that happened to get caught in his beard. Sometimes you don’t know whether the things in his beard are last week’s dinner, kill or both. However, despite his unruly personal appearance, he keeps his armor and weapons in excellent condition. If fact, he even sleeps with his great-club cradled in his arms like a teddy bear at night (of course if you say anything about it he adamantly denies it). He is also well liked by the local tavern goers. One of his favorite things to do is to get absolutely smashed and lead the patrons in choruses of bawdy drinking songs. This pass time (along with the fact that he often drinks the worse steaming, reeking, vile rot-gut thing in the tavern and slams them back like they were water and his favorite place to hit anything is right in the belly) earned him the nickname Gutslammer. He’s also very good in a tavern brawl as he can use and throw anything as a weapon.

How Ranniun Met Him

Rurick came with the dwarves from Mithril Hall as a member of their battleragers. After a particularly bloody day on the battle field you thought that you could use several drinks. Some of your closest comrades lost their lives that day and being the army’s general the only acceptable way for you to cope with grief around your subordinates was to drink it away. As you enter the Old Skull Inn the dirtiest, most disgusting looking dwarf you’ve ever seen saunters up, hails you, offers you a drink and a place at his table which not surprisingly, he’s the only person sitting at his table. He introduces himself as Rurick Gutslammer. Having nothing else to do you decided to take him up on his offer. He orders the nastiest, strongest stuff you’ve ever tasted. You’re pretty sure dragon piss tastes better and burns less, but you drink it anyway. After several rounds of this stuff you both start to feel pretty hammered, but you know if anyone else drank this stuff, then they would probably be dead. After that you learn why people call him Gutslammer. You spend the rest of the night drinking with him, brawling in the tavern and joining him occasionally in singing. Apparently, because you fight with battleaxes and can keep up with him when you drink you really earned his respect. After that day he somehow always turned up wherever you happened to be. He claimed that it was because the really fun things to kill always went after you and he couldn’t have the only person who could drink him under the table getting his head clobbered, but from that point on wherever you went, he went (much to the dismay of many of your troops).

Rurick Gutslammer

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