Ranniun Sairiss

A well-muscled, but worn-looking moon elf, who's led a hard-traveled military life throughout the planes. His face is almost constantly taught with worry; his brow regularly furrowed. Black, shoulder-length hair is shot with silver streaks and drawn bac


Name: Ranniun Sairiss Fortitude Sv: 18 (32) Special Abilities:
Race: Moon Elf Reflex Sv: 8 (15) Transform to True Form
Class: Ftr/PDK/Wmstr Will Sv: 8 (14) Immune to Sleep
Level: 7/5/10 Base Attack: 20/15/10/5 2 Vs. Charm
Alignment: N Eyes: Blue Elf Weapon Proficiencies
HP: 375 Hair: Black Low-light vision
AC: 44 (47) Age: 163 Rallying Cry 3/day
Armor +16 Gender: M Heroic Shield
Deflection +2 Init: +6 Inspire Courage 2/day
Dodge- Spd: 40 Fear (DC 17) 1/day
-Haste- Exp: 231631/253,000 Oath of Wrath 1/day
-Insight- Epic Att: +1 Brotherhood
Epic Sv: +1 Leadership Bonus +5
Nat. Armor +5 Height: 5’10” Battle Cry 10/day
Profane- Weight: 174 Direct Troops
-Sacred- Huge Castle
-Generic- Rally Troops
+3 – when used Hard March
Dexterity +1 Battle Standard
Magic +10 Die for your Country
Dam Red. 5/
5 75% chance negate crit hits Final Stand
Spell Resistance: 15 treated as 2 sizes bigger for grappling
Fire Resistance 30/- & Lightning Resistance 10/-
Vanguard Abilities:(within Mythal) 2 AC, att, skill, and save checks
Skills: Climb 10(26), Craft(Weapons) 10(13), Jump 6(32), Handle Animal 3(8), Swim 6(22), Intimidate 14(21){23 1/day}, Listen 2.0(5), Ride 11(16), Spot 2.0(6), Diplomacy 10(17), Bluff 7(14), Knowledge – Strategy 7(10), Profession – Weaponsmith 7(10),
Sense Motive 7(12), Know: Local (Myth Drannor) 1(3)
Need Imp. Bull Rush & Combat Ref. for Leg. Dreadn
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Draconic, Celestial
**Luckstone +1 all svs,skill,&abil chks!!! Feats:
STR 22/
6 (40/15)DEX 19/4 CON 18/4 (30/10) CB Ambidexterity
INT 15/2 WIS 16/3 CHA 19/4 L1 Exotic Weap. D Waraxe
FB1 Power Attack
Dwarven War Axes +2 FB2 Two-weap Fighting
Pri – Keen, Speed L3 Weap Foc D waraxe
35/30/25/20 – 1d1019 18-20 x3 FB4 Weap Spec D waraxe
Off – Keen, Brilliant Energy L6 Mounted Combat
35/30 – 1d10+19 18-20 x3 FB6 Leadership
L9 Imp. Crit D waraxe
Sword of the Magistrate 4 L12 Cleave
Defender L15 Great Cleave
35/30/25 2d6+27 19-20 x2 L18 Imp. Two Weap. Fight.
L21 Additional Magic Item
Cormyrian Goblinthrasher 1 Space: Suit of Armor
Goblinoid Bane
32/27/22 1d8+16 19-20 x2
Keen, Elven-crafted Dwarven Waraxe of Binding 4
1/day declare “Binding strike” causes target to be dimensionally anchored as per spell for 13 minutes.
Pri – Keen of Binding
32/27/22 – 1d10+21 18-20 x3

Keen, elven-crafted Dwarven Waraxe of Commanding 4
+2 diplomacy, intimidation, & bluff while worn or wielded
+4 intimidation & suggestion 1/day as sorcerer 7th lvl while drawn
Off – Keen of Commanding
32 – 1d10+21 18-20 x3


Heward’s Handy Haversack –

Bag of Holding IV -

Scroll organizer –

Potion Bandoleer –

Misc. Magic Items: Rope of Climbing, Luckstone (+1 to all saves, skills, & ability checks), Tome of the Ahk Velahr

GP: 53,532

Valuables & Other Equipment:

Leadership Score = 28
Fire Resistance 30/-
Commander’s Ring – 2 saves, +2 deflect AC, Featherfall, knock, wall of force, and
daylight 3/day
-Knows direction and distance to any purple dragon rings within 100’ rad.
Purple Dragon Ring – light 1/rnd. 10 min. dur. & Detect Poison at will by touch
Eyes of Doom – Doom on met gaze Will Sv. DC 11, Eyebite 1/wk DC 19, Continual
Circlet of Major Blasting – Free action Maximized Searing Light (40 dam./ 60 to undead)
Cloak of Etherealness – Ethereal Jaunt up to 10 min./day
Moderate Fortification – 75% chance negate crit hits
Vestments of Faith – Dam Red. 5/
Deflect Arrows Feat for free due to Cormyrian Great Shield
Bracers of Relentless Might – +12 STR +12 CON & treated as 2 sizes bigger for grappling
Tome of the Ach Velahr – 1 month of study per ability gained – can act as a small mithril shield

Rallying Cry: “’Til Death and Beyond!”

Big hole, possibly burrow, could be Underdark – about 3000’ deep approx. in Songs District
Lil girl ghost looking for a ring.
Patrols keep going missing
Ruined temple – lots of big nasties
Baelnorn have gone missing from House of Songs Ward.
House of Songs – Main sanctuary is desecrated.

People Known:
Carthis – Lythari – elven wolf changers
Rurick Gutslammer -cohort
Cohort Level: 17th

  1. of Followers by lvl: 1-135, 2-13, 3-7, 4-4, 5-2, 6-2

Magic Item Slots:
1 Headband, hat, or helmet – Circlet of Major Blasting
1 pair of eye lenses or goggles – Eyes of Doom
1 cloak, cape, or mantle – Cloak of Etherealness
1 amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab – Amulet of Nat. Armor +5
2 suits of armor – Full Plate +5 of Nimbleness and Moderate Fortification, Glamored Full
Plate +5 of Spell Resistance 15, and Lightning Resistance 10/-
1 robe –
1 vest, vestment, or shirt – Vestments of Faith
1 pair of bracers or bracelets – Bracers of Relentless Might
1 pair of gloves or gauntlets – Gloves of Storing
2 rings – Commander’s Ring/Purple Dragon Ring & Ring of Major Elem. Resist (fire).
1 belt – Belt of Giant Strength +6
1 pair of boots – Boots of Striding and Springing
1 Shield or Buckler – Cormyrian Great Shield +1 – Lg. Steel Shield of Arrow Deflection

Staff/Wand/Rod Charges:

Duration Counter –

Group Treasure:
Ring, old and ornate, poison ring style – might be lil ghost girl’s
Eyepatch with sapphire in middle
Fire Opal pendant on gold chain
Gold & Ruby ring
Golden chalice with emeralds inset
Pouch w/ 2500 gp
9100 gp
20 Crystal shards
MW Rapier x2
Comp. longbow x2 (magic)
Mithril shirts x2
Gloves x2 (magic)
Spiked chain ( magic)
x-bow, hand mw drow
2 potions (1 is haste)
1 scroll of bear’s endurance


Ranniun Sairiss

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