Moire Iskkthend

She is taller and lankier then normal humans with corded sinuous muscles. She doesn’t appear to be as strong as she is. Her pupils are in slits like that of a dragon and the irises glow with an intense lavender.


Name: Moire Iskkethend Fortitude Sv: 10(8+Con2) Special Abilities:
Race: ½ Amyth Drg. Reflex Sv: 8(5+Dex 3) Breath Weapon: line of force 60ft
6d6 damage
Class: Psi war/Mar. Art Will Sv: 5(2+Wis3) NA Bonus 4
Level: 12: Class Lvl 10 Immune to Poison
Psi.5/Mar.Art 4 Darkvison & low-light 60 ft
+3 lvl adj Base Attack: +7 Immune to sleep & paralysis
Alignment: LN Eyes: swirling amy Skill pts (6
HP: 84 Hair: bluish black Martial Artist:
AC: 22 Age: 126 Unarmed Strike 1d8
Dex: +3 Gender: F Surge 1/day
Nat. +6 Speed: 30 ft Finishing Move 1d6
Mag/Psi: +3 Martial Secret (Aggressive Charge)
Def: Iron Palm
Luck: +2 NA AC bonus
Initiative: +3 Height: 5’8
Weight: 140 lbs
Exp: 66,000

Melee: 12/1
Ranged: +10

Skills: Autohypnosis 10 (7+Wis 3), Balance 8(5+Dex3) Concentration 11(9+Con 2), Hide 6(3+Dex 3), Diplomacy 7(4+Cha 3), Know Psionics 9(6+Int 2), Know Dragons 4 (2+Int 2), Listen 6(3+Wis 3), Jump 12(4+Str 8), Move Silently 8(4+Dex3), Search 6 (4+Int 2), Sense Motive 7(4+Wis3), Spot 7(4+Wis 3), Use Psi. Device 7(5+Int 2), Tumble 5 (4+Dex 3)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Dwarven

STR 23+6 DEX 16+3 CON 16+3
INT 14+2 WIS 17+3 CHA 16+3

Weapon Focus (unarmed)
Weapon specialization(unarmed)
Psionic Fist (applies to unarmed)
Greater Psionic Fist (4d6) (Claw Att)
Ghost Attack (unarmed hits incorporeal creatures)
Stunning Fist
Combat reflexes
Combat Manifestation (same as combat casting but w/ powers)
Improved Grapple
Weapons: Claw Att +12/
1 1d6 (5d6+10 if psionically focused)
Unarmed att: 13/2 1d8+10
Unarmed w/ Claw 13/2 1d8+10 + 1d6 (5d6 claw dam if psionically focused)

Bite Att. 13 1d62

+1 Crossbow +9 1d8 19-20×2 80ft. x100 bolts


Light riding horse, riding saddle,

Backpack –Rations (2 weeks), 50ft. silk rope, soap, waterskin, tendertwigs, whetstone, 50 crossbow bolts

Saddlebag- bedroll, winter blanket, cold weather outfit, horse feed (2 weeks),flint and steel, black and tackle, 50 crossbow bolts

Potion Bandoleer – 5 cure mod, 3 cure serious 5 cat’s grace,

Magic Items: bracers of armor +3, Psicrown Evader

GP: 4,903
SP: 8

Valuables & Other Equipment: Psicrown Evader (As 8th lvl manifester)
Contains 400 pp
-Fly Psionic
-Freedom of movement Psionic
-Wall Walker

Psionic Tatoos:
1st lvl Detect Psionics (Description , An eye with a pentacle for the pupil)
2nd lvl Body Adjustment heal 1d 12 (draconic character for healing)
Psionic Power Points: 15
Power Save (1d20+):

  1. of Powers Known: 5
    Max Lvl: 2nd

0 –

1 –Expansion, Inertial Armor, Metaphysical Claw

2 –Psionic Levitate, dissolving touch (touch deals 4d6 acid dam)

3 –

4 –

5 –

6 –

Magic Item Slots:
1 Headband, hat, or helmet – Psicrown (green w/gems on fabric)
1 pair of eye lenses or goggles –
1 cloak, cape, or mantle –
1 amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab –
1 suit of armor –
1 robe –
1 vest, vestment, or shirt –
1 pair of bracers or bracelets – bracers of armor +3
1 pair of gloves or gauntlets –
2 rings –
1 belt –
1 pair of boots –

Base Creature: Human
Save against breath weapon:

Reflex against (10+4 HD+2)= DC 16 creature saves for ½ dam.


She is taller and lankier then normal humans with corded sinuous muscles. She doesn’t appear to be as strong as she is. Her pupils are in slits like that of a dragon and the irises glow with an intense lavender. Most of her body is covered with fine amethyst scales that give her the appearance of being covered in jewels. Her canines point into draconic fangs. Finally her hands end in razor sharp claws which she keeps meticulously clean and sharpened. The claws appear to be solid amethysts. Her hair was the one trait she did inherit from her human mother. Her hair is soft curly black, but most of the time she keeps it in a single long braid down her back.

She prefers loose fitting clothing that allows maximum mobility when fighting. Usually she keeps her arms wrapped from the elbow to her claws. The same goes for her legs. She keeps these wrapped from the knee to her claws. On her feet she usually wears sandals, however, in the winter she might switch to boots.

Raised on the Dragon Islands, she wasn’t subject to the racial prejudice that mainland half-dragons deal with. In fact, for her mother, her daughter had been a source of pride. She grew up among other amethyst and half amethyst dragons where she developed her psionic capabilities, another gift from her father. However, it was soon realized that she preferred to look inside herself to hone her abilities rather than thought traditional learning. She was sent by her father to a monastery in the service of Cronepsis. Here she was able to hone her skills as a monk. When Arianna asked to dragons to return to Faerun to aid in the war in Myth Drannor, she signed on. Although not skilled as a dragon rider, her martial skills were more then appreciated. She fought bravely during the war overcoming the suspicions that the others in the ranks had of those of her blood. Now that the war is over she means to settle in Myth Drannor, but not before she has a chance to explore this strange new world.

Dragon clan name means Stargem

Moire Iskkthend

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