Lael Coludra


Name: Lael Coludra Fortitude Sv: 12 (15) Special Abilities:
Race: Sun Elf Reflex Sv: +6 (7) Quick Casting
Class: Cleric Willpower Sv: +15 (22) Turn/RebukeUndead
Level: 21 Base Attack: +15/10/5 Damage Reduction
Epic Att: +1 Epic Saves: +0 5/
Alignment: CG Eyes: Blue Fire Resistance 30/-
HP: 126 Hair: Blonde
AC: 26 Age: 140
Initiative: +11 Gender: M
Diety: Corellon Larethian
Domains: War, Magic Exp: 226921

Skills: Concentration 19(16) Diplomacy 18(16) Heal 24 (16) Knowledge Religion 20(16) Spellcraft 23(19) Sense Motive 15(8) Knowledge Arcana 23(19) Listen 17(8) Search 14(8) Spot 18(8)

Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan, Dwarven, Celestial, Draconic

Granted Powers: Martial Weapon Prof, Weapon Focus (Longsword) Use scrolls, wands, etc as wizard at ½ Cleric Level

Melee: 20/15/10
Ranged: +17/12/7
Other Abilities:
STR 20
5 DEX 17+3 CON 15+2 Elf Abilities
INT 18+4 WIS 18/4 (26/8) CHA 15+2

Backpack – General Adventuring Equipment
2 belt pouches –
Scroll organizer –
Potion Bandoleer –

Weapons: Lailo 3Holy Longsword 23/18/13 (see sheet for powers) 1d84 1d6 holy damage to evil creatures.

Magic Items:

Manual of Bodily Health +3(already used)

GP: 53,532

Valuables & Other Equipment:


Magic Item Slots:
1 Headband, hat, or helmet – Pearl of Power Circlet (9th lvl)
1 pair of eye lenses or goggles –
1 cloak, cape, or mantle – Cloak of Displacement, Major
1 amulet, brooch, medallion, necklace, periapt, or scarab – Periapt of Epic Wisdom +8
1 suit of armor – +5 Brestplate of Invunerability
1 robe –
1 vest, vestment, or shirt –
1 pair of bracers or bracelets – Bracers of Armor +5
1 pair of gloves or gauntlets – gloves of Dexterity +4
2 rings – Major Elemental Resistance (fire), Evasion
1 belt – Belt of Giant Strength +6
1 pair of boots –Boots of Speed (Haste 10 min/day)

Staff/Wand/Rod Charges:

Staff of Life- Heal 1ch/day, Resurection 1/day
Wand of Nondetection 45 charges
Duration Counter –

Spells per Day: Feats:
Lvl – Per day DC Combat Casting
0 6 20 Cooperative Casting
1 7+2 21 Improved Initiative 4
2 7
2 22 Dodge
3 7+2 23 Leadership
4 6+2 24 Combat Reflexes
5 5+1 25 Power Attack
6 5+1 26 Cleave
7 5+1 27 Great Cleave
8 4+1 28 Maximize Spell
9 4+1 29 Spell Penetration
Blind Fighting (Lailo)
Sunder (Lailo)
Imp.Init (Lailo)

Spells Usually Prayed For

0 – Detect Magic
Detect Poison
Read Magic
Create Water

1 – Obscuring Mist
Wieldskill (10 on self or ally for skill check)
Faith Healing (8
1/level total 28)
Detect Evil/Good/ Law/Chaos
Domain Spells:
War: Magic Weapon
Magic: Nystul’s Undetectable Aura

2 – Hold Person
Sound Burst
Bull’s Stregnth
Domain Spells:
War: Spiritual Weapon
Magic: Identify

3 –Remedy Moderate Wounds (Target gets fast healing2 for 10 rounds+1/ 2 lvls)
Invisibility Purge
Protection for Elements
Summon Monster III
Wind Wall
Searing Light (1d8/ 2lvls 1d6/levl.for undead)
Domain Spells
War: Magic Vestaments (grants +1AC/3 lvls)
Magic: Dispel Magic

4 – Weapon of the Deity (Gives Weapon Magical abilities appropriate to Diety)
Dimensional Anchor
Lesser Planer Ally
Summon Monster IV
Freedom of Movement
Domain Spells
War: Divine Power (base att of fighter of same lvl 18 STR, and 1hp/lvl)
Magic: Imbue With Spell-like Ability

5 – Monsterous Regeneration (target gains regeneration for 1 round/2 lvls
Greater Dispelling
Healing Circle (1d8/lvl 20ft radius)
Raise Dead
True Seeing
Greater Command
Domain Spells
War: Flame Strike (1d6/lvl)
Magic: Spell Resistence (12+1/lvl)

6 – Azuth’s Exaulted Triad (Cast Prepared Spell 3 extra times)
Planer Ally
Domain Spells
War: Blade Barrier
Magic: Antimagic Field (10ft)

7 –Fortunate Fate (target immediately receives Heal if killed by damage)
Holy Word
Summon Monster IIV
Domain Spells:
War: Power Word Stun (150hp worth creatures)
Magic: Spell Turning (reflect 1d4+6 spell lvls at caster)

8 – Fire Storm (1d6/lvl)
Greater Planer Ally
Mass Heal
Domain Spells
War: Power Word Blind (200hp worth creatures)
Magic: Protection from Spells (+8 resistence)

9 – Implosion
Summon Monster IX
True Resurection
Domain Spells:
War: Power Word Kill
Magic: Mordenkainen’s Disjunction

Epic -

Group Treasure:

Lailo – Lael’s intelligent sword – 3 holy longsword
True Name:
INT: 12/
WIS: 17
CHA: 13
EGO: 26
Alignment: LG
Languages Spoken: Common, Elven
Primary Powers: 4
Wielder has free use of Sunder feat
Feather fall on wielder 1/day
Wielder has free use of Blind-fight feat
Wielder has free use of Imp. Init feat
Extroardinary Powers: 3
Lightning Bolt 1/day 8d6 dam 200 ft range DC 13
Invisibility (wielder only) 30 min per use 3/day
Telekinesis 250 lb max 1 min per use 2/day
Special Purpose:
Defeat diametrically opposed alignment
Special Purpose Power:
Slay Living DC 15


Lael Coludra

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